Will Anderson Jr. admits he’s superstitious. His pregame meal is the exact same every Saturday: macaroni and cheese, lasagna, a little bit of ranch dressing and a Gatorade. When the NCAA Football video game returns, the Alabama star doesn’t want to be on the cover because he heard it’s bad luck.

While it might disappoint the folks at EA Sports, they’ll have to settle for designing his physical likeness for the Madden video game, because by this time next year Anderson will probably be preparing for his rookie year in the NFL. There are plenty of scouts and team personnel who think Anderson was good enough to come out at the end of the 2021 season, had he been eligible, and get picked near the top of a draft with a strong edge rusher class. But there were no thoughts of sitting out this season, he said Tuesday at SEC media days.

“I love football too much, I don’t think I could sit out a year and not play football,” Anderson said. “I’d be too ready to get out there … I feel like the people that surround me, they know me well enough to know that no matter what we say to him, he’s not going to [sit out].”

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