From the beginning of Saturday’s game against Washington, it was clear that Arizona’s offensive line was completely overmatched.

By the end of the game, Arizona had tried a variety of combinations, but none of them were very effective.

This week, focus will be on getting the offensive line to improve to the point where Arizona can at least protect Grant Gunnell.

In order to do that, the coaching staff will look at the entire offensive line as a unit rather than the individuals that make it up.

“Last year, everybody was on us about moving guys around every week,” Arizona head coach Kevin Sumlin said. “Now, we’ve got to fix the problem. How to fix the problem is not getting our best five players on the field at one time, on the offensive line, I’ve said this for a long time.

“It’s not the best five individual players, it’s the best five that play together, that communicate. Joe Tiller was a line coach and he used to say, ‘you’re not looking for five pennies you’re looking for a nickel.’

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