Tre Williams NFL Draft Profile
Position: Defensive End
School: Arkansas
Current Year: Redshirt Senior
Height: 6’4 3/8″
Weight: 252 pounds
Wingspan: 81 5/8″
Length: 33 7/8″
Hand: 9 4/8″

There’s always a market for raw traits in the NFL — Williams has those. He may not have elite explosiveness or speed. But for his size, he certainly has a great mix of burst and agility at his disposal. On top of that, his bend capacity can be awe-inspiring. There’s clearly a lot to work with.

The problem is, six years into a career as an SEC defensive end, Williams still hasn’t quite put it together from a hand-usage perspective. He still relies primarily on his traits, and although he flashes the ability to use his hands in conjunction with his athleticism, he’ll need much more consistency at the next level. The same goes for his run defense, where Williams can be streaky.

Nevertheless, while he’s an older prospect behind the developmental curve, Williams checks most of the physical boxes you look for on the edge. While he may not have high-level play strength at this point, he has good explosiveness, agility, bend capacity and flexibility, and speed-to-power capacity with his length.

Williams will need to keep refining his timing, hand usage, and coordination as a pass rusher. A couple of red flags also complicate his projection, as we’ll discuss below. But if his character checks out, the Arkansas DE is worth a mid-to-late Day 3 selection as a high-upside developmental prospect, and he could be a rotational spark plug at some point in Year 1.

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