Having to replace four starters on the offensive line with a new position coach trying to figure out who his top five guys are without the benefit of having a spring practice, the Auburn Tigers came into the 2020 season with a seven-man rotation in search of the top group. That didn’t have a huge impact in Auburn’s opening win over the Kentucky Wildcats, but following a disastrous effort in a loss to Georgia, Coach Gus Malzahn said it may be time to find the top five players and let them build some continuity.

“I think that’s a good point,” Malzahn said. “I mean, we’ve got seven guys and we’re rotating. We need to kind of get that narrowed down. This will be really good information for us to do that — because when you play against a quality front, you can really learn a lot. Hopefully we’ll be able to do that.

“We talked the last two weeks about trying to settle in with five. I think we’ll be able to do that. I think the big thing last night is we got behind. We kind of had to be in catch-up mode, and they were making us one-dimensional. Any time you do that, it’s extremely tough. They’re very talented up front, and they’ve got some very good pass rushers. That’s really what happened specifically from the second quarter on.”

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