Offensive line: C+

Through fall camp, the offensive line was not able to consistently put out the same five guys because of injuries and COVID-19 related issues. As a result, they weren’t able to use the same five guys throughout the game. Instead, they rotated in a number of players. They seemed to work well together considering the ever-moving lineup. The offensive line only gave up one sack and helped Auburn rush for 91 yards. However, it was helped by Nix’s mobility because there were several times he had to scramble. Auburn also usually has a better rushing game than 91 yards, so there’s definitely room for improvement. That will come with experience, though, because all of the linemen except Nick Brahms have never started a game before.

Defensive line: B

When Auburn hit the field, it was without one of its biggest defensive leaders, Big Kat Bryant. Kentucky came in with confidence because of the experience it had on the offensive line and in the run game. The Wildcats racked up 120 yards on the ground in the first half alone. That half also saw Derick Hall ejected for targeting. Even with the loss of Hall, Auburn was able to pull together a strong second half. It made adjustments and ended up holding Kentucky to an average of 1.7 yards per carry. Daquan Newkirk, who was not named a starter on Auburn’s first depth chart, stepped up and had six tackles, including two for loss, and one sack.

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