Nick Brahms watched from the sideline as Austin Golson snapped the ball to Jarrett Stidham in the shotgun on Auburn’s first play from scrimmage against Clemson in 2017. Stidham saw nothing downfield, danced in the pocket before looking for an opening and eventually going down — the first of a whopping 11 sacks allowed by the Tigers that day in Death Valley.

That game has stuck with Brahms over the years. It was his first road trip as an Auburn true freshman, and he watched that night and from the bench in the weeks that followed as the veterans along the offensive line — bullied for the majority of the night, much like Auburn was this past Saturday at Georgia — picked each other up. They were determined not to let one catastrophic night define their season as a unit.

“I was a true freshman at that time just kind of on the sidelines looking around and seeing what’s going on,” Brahms said. “Just to see those guys kind of rally and come together, use it as a moment to come together, and the rest of the season it worked out good. Those guys were awesome. With Braden Smith, Austin Golson, all those guys, they came together and they did something great that year. That was just kind of my message to the guys and the coaches’ message: ‘Hey man, we can learn from this. The season is not over just because we lost one game to Georgia.’

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