Bicknell is evaluating his players without any prior knowledge of them, except for if he recruited them or played against them while at Ole Miss. Coach Gus Malzahn is keeping out of Bicknell’s way and not interfering with his process.

While Bicknell is familiarizing himself with his players, the Auburn linemen also have to get to know him as a coach. They got the chance to know him off the field during the time away from football, but they weren’t able to find out what he’s like on the field until recently, tackle Brodarious Hamm said. In the short time they’ve spent together on the field, Bicknell has made a good impression on Hamm.

“I feel like he’s very intense at practice,” Hamm said. “He’s not going to allow you to do things the way you want to do them. You’re going to have to do them the way he coaches it.”

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