Robert Quinn has been in a “ramp-up” period so far in training camp with the Bears easing him into things as they go. That changed on Saturday as Quinn was out there and was finally full go for the scrimmage.

Following practice, Quinn revealed that it was a personal issue that has kept him out of practices at the start of camp. But he feels comfortable in the defense and getting out there on Saturday at full go was what he needed.

“I’ve been working every day. Yeah, it’s a personal issue, I’m gonna keep those to myself. Coach Nagy and coach Ted and coach Shu, the whole, they’ve been working with me,” Quinn said. “Again it’s a personal reason, not getting into that. But at the same time I’m gonna look at the benefit of it, at least I’m a little fresher, my body’s not too beat up – so as long as come Sept. 13 I’m ready, I think the plan worked well but, with the plan that was put together for me. I still get in, had to make the most out of it.”

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