Castillo has instilled his own method of coaching the players. Which includes being more vocal and changing a few of their techniques oCastillo brings in a new philosophy than his predecessor Hiestand.

While Castillo brings more of a zone running approach to the offense, he still wants the guys to be physical as it can work well with his philosophy.n the field. Another lesson he has placed in the mind of the players is being more physical and finishing their blocks.

“Right now all we want to be able to do is we want to be able to come off the football,” Castillo said. “We don’t want to be thinking, understand the rules, it doesn’t matter what people do, here is the rules, here is what we are going to do. Let’s come off the football.And let’s have some fun, let’s be physical. The other thing that we are working on is finishing. You know people talk about physical offensive lines. Well, what physical means really is that you finish your plays.”

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