When a quarterback gets sacked nine times in a single game, it’s usually not a recipe for success.

Joe Burrow and the Bengals were able to overcome their significant pass protection issue to defeat the Titans 19-16 on Saturday to advance to the AFC Championship game. But there’s got to be some concern for the next round when the Chiefs also boast a strong interior pass rush led by defensive tackle Chris Jones.

On Monday, offensive coordinator Brian Callahan said there were a variety of reasons why Burrow was taken down so many times.

“There’s moments where we’re guys got beat one-on-one, you know, we’re playing against good players,” Callahan said, via Jake Rice of the team’s website. “There’s moments where Joe tried to make a guy miss or hold the ball for a little longer. That’s part of what makes his game great so we live with some of those sacks.

“There was one or two that were communication-related. Just didn’t get calls out, playing on the road. Again, it’s a challenge sometimes, but we just have to be better there. Sometimes they were coverage-related too, we had guys that did a good job with their cover scheme in that game.”

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