If you were to watch snaps from Joe Burrow’s second career NFL game with no knowledge of who he was, you would be unlikely to guess he was just a rookie. That’s the confidence that radiated off of him when asked to throw a league-high 61 times while being hit from all directions against the Cleveland Browns. The Cincinnati Bengals have their franchise guy, and now they have to hope his offensive line can keep him afloat.

The right side of the Bengals offensive line consistently allowed pressure from Richardson and Garrett. Bobby Hart struggled in Week 1 but actually performed better against Cleveland’s front seven. However, better is all relative when Week 1 was that bad. The two turnstiles on that side of the line transformed into a revolving problem all four quarters, leading to highlights from Joe Woods’ defensive front.

In 64 dropbacks, Burrow was hit 10 times from behind. That’s not including the moments where he was forced to sprint to safety only to take a shot to the helmet. Hits to the ribs would soon follow. In total, 17 hits were compiled on No.9 due to poor protection from either side.

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