Senior Myron Cunningham, 6-7, 319, is the odds on favorite to retain his starting left tackle job after adding approximately 30 to 35 pounds in the past year. Sophomore Ricky Stromberg, 6-4, 311, started 11 games at right guard last season but is expected to compete at center with incumbent senior Ty Clary, 6-4, 298, and new scholarship player Luke Jones, 6-5, 294. The two who don’t earn the starting center spot will likely be considered at guard if they’re among the top five offensive linemen on the team.

“I have an idea,” HC Sam Pittman said. “I’m not going to share that idea with you, but I’ll be honest with you, we’ve been 2-spotting our walkthroughs and things of that nature. And the best thing about that is we’ve had different kids play different positions, and it’s allowed us to kind of have an idea of who the five are and who’s maybe eighth. And then, are we two deep across the board and things of that nature?

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