Joyce Zimmer was pregnant with a boy, the ultrasound showed, but there might be a problem.

“They called it a ‘chromosomal abnormality,’ ” she said.

The ratio between the length of her unborn son’s arms and legs to his head circumference wasn’t quite right, a higher indication that her baby might be born with Down syndrome, the OB/GYN said.

Additional testing was required to diagnose or rule out potential genetic conditions, and the doctor recommended an amniocentesis, a procedure in which he’d use a thin needle and syringe to withdraw some of the amniotic fluid that surrounds and protects the fetus. Zimmer, in her second trimester, was prepped and on the table when she decided against it, figuring the test results were irrelevant and not worth the slightest risk of miscarriage. She was having her baby, regardless.

“It was always my dream, as it is many little kids’ dreams, to go and play in the NFL,” Zimmer told The Buffalo News last week, “and when I got to Ferris State, to be honest, I had no idea if I even had a chance. But at that point I just wanted to work to get on the field … and I knew the only way was to get better at what I did.

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