Browns defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi has already caught the eye of defensive line coach Chris Kiffin, a former pass rush specialist for the San Francisco 49ers.

Since arriving as the first player ever selected from the University of Charlotte, Ogunjobi has flashed potential.Anyone who has interacted with Ogunjobi can sense those attributes, but now it’s about putting it into action. He has started 31-of-32 games the past two seasons and has amassed 11 sacks, 5.5 each year. He would have started all 16 games last year had he not been suspended for coming to the defense of teammate Myles Garrett after Garrett whacked Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph over the head with Rudolph’s helmet in Week 11.

“He can be very good. He has all the intangibles. He has the tools, the athletic ability, the skillset and the strength. I don’t see why not. Obviously, it is a process in this league,” Kiffin said. “There are very few that come in and do it right away, but these guys can work and they can work their craft and get better and better and play 8, 10, 12 years.

“Those are the guys that continue to get better every single year, and I don’t see any reason why Larry would not do that as far as getting better every year, improving all the time. He has everything you want as far as defensive tackle goes.”

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