The Browns’ revamped group of blockers overcame multiple injuries to deliver a performance that featured more than 200 rushing yards from Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt and zero sacks on Baker Mayfield, who had plenty of time to throw throughout Cleveland’s 35-30 victory.

Right guard Wyatt Teller — one of three new full-time additions to the Browns starting offensive line — was highlighted by Stefanski for his physicality.

“Those guys were getting people on the ground,” Stefanski said Friday in a video call with reporters. “I hesitate to single anyone out but I would tell you Wyatt Teller really was playing a very physical football game. But also would like the single out (offensive line) coach (Bill) Callahan. He did an outstanding job with his guys, great job with the run game plan getting guys ready to play. So, really a kudos to Coach Callahan.”

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