Ndamukong Suh has always been a player who stays on the field for most plays. Suh paces himself through training camp, including much needed “veteran maintenance days,” knowing the expectation to stay on the field when the regular season comes.

“It’s something I pride myself on,” he said. “I really train to play 900 to 1,000 snaps every single season, and I’ve been averaging somewhere in the realm of 850 to 950 snaps per year throughout my career. So I train for it. I expect to play those snaps and I’ve never been a person who’s saying, ‘Well, I’m at halftime, I’ve got 25 snaps – well, I can only go 25 more.’ If we end up having 50 more I’m ready to go 50 more. There’s no questions, ifs, ands or buts about it. I’m aware of it and I think the coaches are, and we have protocols that can help throughout the weeks. But when [it’s] Sunday and the lights come on, all that goes out the window.”

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