This is certainly a big year for the Cougar offensive line as it has a lot of players returning with a lot of experience, which has naturally elevated expectations.

BYU offensive line coach Eric Mateos, however, is quick to remind his players that they haven’t achieved anything at this point.

While he doesn’t want his guys getting an inflated opinion of themselves (poison, he calls it), he believes they are ready to take on Navy in Monday’s season-opener in Annapolis, Maryland (6 p.m. MT, ESPN).

“I think we are really close,” Mateos said. “I think with our mentality we are ready and I think our bodies are ready. We are working all of our situations every day and we are still a little rough in some areas. When you have a whole season of film, as the offensive line coach you try to pick up every single blitz they ran. It’s unrealistic but that is my nature.”

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