Brentson Buckner says he has retained the bluntness from his first assistant coaching tenure with the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals rang this offseason looking to replace Chris Achuff as the defensive line coach, their only major coaching move after Kliff Kingsbury’s first season in charge.

“The goals for my unit are to be a … mentally, physically, emotionally strong team,” Buckner said. “We gonna put our hand in the dirt and we gonna to play. When you play the Arizona Cardinals, you’re going to know you’re in a fight. That’s my goal, for them to play hard and physical every snap. I tell them, we ain’t got to be the reason we win games, but we definitely not going to be the reason we lose games.

“I’m trying to get them back to that level that when we step on the field, we’re not cocky, but we don’t think nobody can block us.”

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