Encapsulated in a stretch that has included losses in four of the last five games and in three straight has been a lack of answers by Arizona Cardinals players and coaches for the recent slump.

Entering Week 14 at 6-6, with playoff aspirations on the line, the franchise’s offensive linemen have taken it upon themselves to try and ignite the firepower that was evident early on when the Cardinals sat at 5-2 through seven games.

“The offensive line hasn’t played well enough in the past three games, but that’s the nature of the NFL,” left guard Justin Pugh said Tuesday. “That’s why when everyone was saying, ‘Hey, you guys are ranked (the) No. 1 (offense)’ — there’s ebbs and flows. Things happen. There’s 11 guys on that football field and if one person messes up, the whole offense looks bad. And we’ve had those instances happen.

“I’m 100 percent involved and have had bad plays and mishaps happen, but we’re looking forward to bouncing back and responding and that shows character. The men in the room that we have across the board are going to show up and come back to work and I’m excited to be a part of that.”

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