A day after Arizona Cardinals guard Justin Pugh labeled the dynamic between Kliff Kingsbury and offensive line coach Sean Kugler as a “two-headed monster” in run-game scheming, the head coach offered more perspective.

Kingsbury downplayed his role in the conceptualization of the Cardinals rushing attack, which achieved historic heights last season with a franchise record 5.03 yards-per-carry, instead hoisting Kugler in the limelight.

“When it comes to the run game or protections, I’m one of those guys who knows what he doesn’t know and I don’t try to go there with coach [Kugler] because he’s a run-game savant,” Kingsbury said Monday. “And he’s one of the top o-line coaches in the league, if not the best. And so, he comes up with great ideas. I’ll try to pair some stuff up and do — if I see someone I like, or if I want to try and do something, he’s been awesome as far as trying to accommodate me. But he’s been phenomenal at developing run-game stuff and putting us in positions to be successful, so I feel very lucky and I think as an organization we feel very lucky to have him here.”

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