Andy Heck has been with the Kansas City Chiefs as their offensive line coach since 2013. He was brought in by Andy Reid and has been an integral part of the resurgence of the Chiefs.

Coach Heck recently shared some insights on how the offensive line has grown this offseason and how the newest additions, Mike Remmers and Kelechi Osemele, are performing.

The offensive line play is more important than ever with a rookie running back and the importance of keeping Patrick Mahomes healthy. The Chiefs offense likes to move guys around and put playmakers in the best possible scenario to succeed. The offensive line under Heck’s tutelage has the same approach and mentality.

“You definitely need to build chemistry and trust between O-linemen,” Heck explained. “I view it maybe a little differently than some because I feel like we’re all in this rowboat together, we’re all pulling in one direction, we need to get to know every guy in that room. Whether I’m playing left guard or right tackle, it doesn’t really matter to me, I’m going to be combination blocking with somebody, I need to get to know all of these guys.

“I really believe in building versatility and not making a big deal out of that. We have a good group of guys that love to play ball together, they don’t flinch when you say, ‘hey, go work over there, go work over here.’ It’s the next man up. That’s what I love about this group.”

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