Clemson OC Tony Elliott said the film of the offensive line was better than he thought it’d be upon watching it.

Was super pleased with how Clemson’s offensive line held up from a physical standpoint vs. Pittsburgh’s proven front.

“I thought we dominated the line of scrimmage. You go back and watch the film especially in the run game, they were recreating and knocking those guys back. Our double teams were getting push. They were able to fit the linebackers. You just didn’t know what would happen going in, because nobody consistently ran the ball on these guys because of their structure. So I was really, really pleased.

“I think a lot of it was too that guys were back healthy. Guys had played a lot of snaps. That was one position where we didn’t have the luxury of being able to sub. Matt Bockhorst had time to get his body back together. Cade Stewart has been playing about every snap and he was able to get some rest, same thing with our tackles.

“It looked very similar to how the offensive line came out of the gate vs. Wake Forest. They were physical. I thought outside of a couple of plays where we got beat one-on-one outside on the sacks, they really recreated the line of scrimmage and handled the pressure most of the night. So definitely thought the offensive line was back to where we expect them to be.”

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