The No. 1 rated Clemson Tigers enter the 2020 campaign with boatloads of talent, and the new redshirt rule will allow the freakishly talented freshman to hit the field early and often. According to K.J. Henry, several of those young players have started to flash, including both former five-star defensive linemen Myles Murphy and Bryan Bresee.

Until this past season, the college game made it hard for a young player to be redshirted and stay engaged as the season pressed forward. Realizing their shot to play wouldn’t come for a year, it was hard for guys not to lose their edge. But last season’s shift to the four-game redshirt rule allowed for better player development.

“The way we study. The way we work guys after practice and things like that, that’s what we expect, everybody to be ready for that moment,” Henry noted. “That’s kind of what I’m expecting when the game comes around.”

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