There is room for an abundance of passengers on every college football team’s preseason hype train, but only one player gets to sit in the driver’s seat.

At Kansas State, that player is Khalid Duke. And the sophomore defensive end currently has the locomotive firing on all cylinders like a veteran conductor.

Who is Khalid Duke? You may remember him from such moments as the time he came up with sacks against Kansas and West Virginia last season, or the time he recovered a fumble against Bowling Green. He showed flashes while playing in seven games as a freshman, but he appears ready to take the leap to a higher level as a sophomore.

“He can be one of the best defensive ends in the conference,” said defensive ends coach Joe Klanderman.

“He is just playing at a different speed than everyone else right now,” added defensive coordinator Joe Klanderman. “They’re having a hard time blocking him in the run game and the pass game. That’s what we really need.”

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