John Hevesy, the Gators offensive line coach, has plenty of potential for the 2020 season. The Gators have plenty of size on their O-line, but they also have some versatility. Last season, the guys were young and still figuring out how to work well together. With most of those guys returning, Hevesy has hope for their performance in the 2020 season.

Hevesy new mindset
Last year the line was still trying to find their niche. For most of the players, their offseason was almost non-existent. When spring football was about to begin, so did the coronavirus pandemic. While the team has been finding ways to practice and improve, the pressure is on for this offensive line to perform better than last season. According to Hevesy, the key to success for his players is efficiency.

The biggest mistakes last year were seen in the little things. Whether it was miscommunication or errors, the small moments are what the 49-year-old coach is looking to improve this year.

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