FSU’s offensive line has been one of the worst in the country for half a decade, but with new offensive line coach Alex Atkins – the fourth different coach in the last four years – a new offensive scheme, and some young, talented players, there’s some optimism that the unit will be improved in 2020.

“From where we were back spring ball day three to right now there’s unbelievable improvement,” FSU offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham said.

“It’s a remarkable improvement. I think those guys know what is going on, they know what we want to get accomplished but now I think it’s the reps and the detail of it. When you talk about two eyes and shades, they know it, they know what they need to get accomplished, they know how they need to get accomplished. Now they need reps doing it…

“I’ve been happy with how they’ve come along. I think coach Atkins is doing a phenomenal job with those guys. And I think those guys believe in coach Atkins.”

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