Sometimes it seems the NFL set its 2020 schedule so the Giants would face every one of the league’s top defensive lines and/or pass rushers.

Five games into the season, the Giants’ offensive line has squared off with Pittsburgh’s T.J. Watt and Budd Dupree, Chicago’s Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn, San Francisco’s Arik Armstead, the Ram’s Aaron Donald (the two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year) and, last week, Dallas’ DeMarcus Lawrence and Aldon Smith.

“They have a very, very talented front,” coach Joe Judge said. “Really for them, it all starts up front. We’ve seen a lot of teams like that this year. This team is extremely talented. Maybe the most talented, and that says a lot. They have explosive players on the edge who can play with speed, they’re athletic enough to counter and come back underneath. You have to protect and prevent these guys from their counter moves and double moves. Then inside, obviously, there’s the size. But it’s not just the size of their D-tackles. It’s really the athleticism and the short area quickness and power they can play with to shed single blocks, work through double teams, and keep pressing the pocket back into the quarterback. I don’t care who you put in there. Whether it’s the four that may be listed first on the depth chart or anybody else they have on their roster, they’re all very, very capable players.”

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