A year ago, head coach Tom Allen said the defensive line was one of the biggest question marks on the team. Unproven talent and questionable depth created uncertainty on the foundation of the defense.

A year later, with almost everyone back and a few breakout seasons in the books, the position projects to be one of the team’s greatest strengths.

Elliott and Johnson should be one of the better tackle duos in the Big Ten. Head, Ziemba and Bryant bring a lot of experience on the end as well. Behind them is a lot of experienced depth that should allow Peoples to comfortably rotate two or three deep.

Look for Swann to emerge as he continues to gain comfort with the system, and Nofoagatoto’a has a very bright future in the program.

The biggest question is whether this group, and especially the ends, can get to the quarterback. Pressure is the foundation of the 4-2-5 scheme, but IU was just 72nd nationally with 2 sacks per game in 2019.

With husky Marcelino Ball and his pass rushing capabilities sidelined for the season it will be all the more important that the front four can bring pressure, contain, and take down quarterbacks.

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