Iowa continues to produce offensive linemen.

On Friday, Pro Football Focus tweeted that the Hawkeyes have the three highest pass-blocking offensive linemen in the Big Ten.

Tyler Linderbaum is listed at the top at 87.5, Kyler Schott at 86.0, and Alaric Jackson at 85.8.

The Iowa offensive line has only allowed three sacks, which is the least in the conference for teams that have played three games.

Jackson has been a bright spot for the Hawkeyes this fall as he’s been playing his best football. Jackson had one of his best games last week against Michigan State in both run and pass blocking.

“I’m glad he’s on our team,” Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz said of Jackson. “As a player and as a person, he’s a tremendous young guy. The growth that we’ve witnessed answers that last part of your question. Hopefully all of our guys are better than they were two years ago or three years ago, and Alaric really played well two years ago. Last year after his injury he had an awesome spring, awesome camp and then he got hurt early. To me he never quite caught up. Maybe at the end of the year, but it wasn’t the quality of play we were used to seeing from him in ’18.”

“This guy is a good football player and he’s an outstanding guy and he’s really grown in our program. He’s kind of a quiet guy. He’s a quiet leader and I actually complimented him last night just on the things I’ve seen him do kind of the behind the scenes a little bit and the encouraging words he gives younger players. He gets it. He cares about the team, cares about us being a good team, cares about his teammates. So he’s playing really well on the field, but he’s doing all those things that as a coach you hope a guy would do, especially as a senior. He gets that, totally invested, I’m proud of him.”

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