The offensive line on a football team rarely gets much love.

Let’s be honest: We mainly notice them when the running back gets stuffed or the quarterback gets sacked or the referee throws a penalty flag for holding.

And here’s another dose of cold, hard truth: The Iowa offensive line of late has been pretty pedestrian, considering it’s ranked in the bottom third nationally in yards per rushing attempt in each of the last three years. That isn’t all on the blocking, but it’s a disappointing statistic when the longtime head coach is considered to be an offensive-line guru.

This 2020 Hawkeye offensive line doesn’t care about getting love, but it sure would like to move large humans around against their will. That would mean new quarterback Spencer Petras is being protected and Iowa’s talented trio of running backs are springing free for big gains.

“I like this group,” Polasek said. “I like the energy. I really like the leadership.”

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