2020 Projection

I expect another impressive defensive front that will pave the way for Heacock’s linebackers to roam free. In years past, ISU didn’t have to worry about changing their scheme due to the efficiency of Ray Lima on the interior. With him no longer in cardinal and gold, we may see a few different packages, most likely more of a 4-man front, and especially the likes of Will McDonald on passing downs (3rd down).

No one can scheme up the exotic blitzes better than Heacock and company, and look for that to continue. Also, I expect Jaquan Bailey to take care of his career sack record early, and the rest of the year he can play loose and carefree football. ISU’s defensive line is probably top-3 or 4 in the Big 12, and with its depth, will continue to carry that torch for years to come.

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