The weak spot of the Matt Campbell era has been the offensive line, due in part to the cupboard being left bare upon his arrival, which has taken time to rebuild the depth and have access to the personnel to make it all work. 2020 is the year we finally get to see the plan in place.While there are three starters departing and holes to fill, I feel confident this bunch may be the best offensive line that Matt Campbell has bunched together. Not only on size on strength currently but the potential is possesses.

While it’s great that we have Brock Purdy and a group of talented receivers and tight ends. None of that matters if this group can’t get the ball rolling. I want to see execution at the second level of defenses on run blocking, giving the running back group more space to run, and adequate time for Brock Purdy to get passes off without being smashed after release. Which should also allow Purdy to stay healthy longer this season compared to last.

Put all these things together and the 2020 season can be a memorable one.

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