Sean Foster can feel the difference, the collective sense of duty to the offense and to each other within the offensive line room.

The different feel began in the aftermath of Iowa State’s loss to Notre Dame in the Camping World Bowl. It started with an offensive line-only meeting, where the returners discussed what the offseason ahead would look like. The group couldn’t have planned for the impact the COVID-19 pandemic would have, but they formulated a plan to take the next step as several starters along the line moved on.

“In the past, our offensive line hasn’t been as close as it’s been since this year. So our big thing this offseason was making sure that our whole offensive line is on the same page,” Foster said. “We all had a meeting of we just got to go to work because we know that the offense goes as far as we go. And that’s kind of the mentality that we kind of carried on our back. And it was really big for all of us to actually like, grow with that mentality and bring [guys like] Darrell [Simmons] with us.”

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