Few could have predicted the immediate and staggering step back the pass rush would take. The Jaguars had already accumulated 13 sacks through three games in the 2019 season. Through three games this season? Three sacks.

Save eighth-year veteran Abry Jones and defensive end Afam Gotsis, the unit is made up of third-year players or younger. Seventh-year veteran Cassius Marsh can line up at defensive end but will likely play mostly linebacker following the season-ending injury to Leon Jacobs.

Even the Jaguars as the youngest team in the league, defensive Coordinator Todd Wash says the age isn’t an excuse.

“I think we’ve got four guys that are working towards developing into pass rushers. Like you said, we’re young, but that is not an excuse. We’ve got to be able to get in situations where they can pass rush.

“We’ve seen them have the ability to pass rush, they flash every now and then, but we consistently have to get them in situations where you can just pin your ears back and get after the quarterback. And we’re not doing that on first and second down to give those guys a true opportunity. I think the jury is still out a little bit, if we can or can’t pass rush. I have faith in them, but we’ve got to put them in situations where we can actually evaluate to see if they can.”

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