The Jets top draft pick, offensive tackle Mekhi Becton (No. 11 overall), is making an early impression on the long time running back. In fact, Gore believes Becton has shades of a Hall of Fame offensive tackle.

“I think the reverse play, when he dumped the dude, he went after him again, that’s old school football man,” Gore said. “He (doesn’t) care who you (are), he’s going to try and finish you. He dumped him and went at him again to let him know, ‘hey I’m here.’ That’s the difference. He’s an old school lineman man. Like a Larry Allen type of guy. We ran one play and came back again…I remember when I played with Larry Allen he looks to the sideline and tells them, run that play back over here again. Laary Allen, that’s a hall of famer. I don’t want to speak so fast because he’s a young player but we’ve seen him from day one and these first two games, he has potential to do some special things in his career. Just get better each year. This kid can be very special.”

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