The Denver Broncos acquired Jurrell Casey — a five-time Pro Bowl selection with 51 career sacks who at age 30 is still considered among the best interior defensive players in the league — from the Tennessee Titans … for a seventh-round pick in April’s draft?

At the time of the trade, Casey was not happy about it, saying the Titans had thrown him away “like a piece of trash.” But one team’s trash is another’s treasure, and the Broncos are more than happy to be on the receiving end of what has the look of a straight salary dump by the Titans.

“I feel like they just went and got a phenomenal player,” said Broncos linebacker Todd Davis. “Already … I’ve seen how much he can impact our team as a whole, defense in particular, but definitely me. I feel like when I’m lined up behind him, if they stay on the double-team, then that allows me to make a play. If they don’t stay in the double-team, he’ll definitely make the play. I love playing behind a dominant, physical player like that.”

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