Josh Paschal NFL Draft Profile
Position: Defensive End
School: Kentucky
Current Year: Redshirt Senior
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 278 pounds

Paschal’s combination of raw power and explosiveness grants him great upside in the right scheme. At 6’3″, 278 pounds, he’s almost built like a pure 3-technique. But Paschal can line up just about anywhere. He has high-end explosiveness, which he uses to gain displacement at 5-technique and outward. Meanwhile, at 3-technique, his athleticism and power can be a devastating mismatch for guards.

Paschal doesn’t have elite bend or lateral agility, so he’s always going to be more of a power rusher on the outside. But with his elite power, he can make a living out-muscling tackles and driving them back at the point of attack. He needs to expand his pass-rushing arsenal, but the physical tools are there for him to be an impactful, versatile rusher. And as a run defender, he translates well with his natural leverage, initial burst, and strength.

Paschal can play several different roles. Thus, it’s best not to pigeonhole him into one alignment. Preferably in a scheme that employs hybrid fronts, Paschal can be a force at 5-technique. But he can also shade inside to 3-technique and shadow several other spots beyond that.

Scheme fit may be especially important in determining where Paschal goes, but he has Day 2 potential. And in the right place, he can be an impact player.

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