The Detroit Lions made some critical defensive adjustments in Sunday’s win against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Detroit sent more pressure and dropped back in zone coverage more than it had all season.

While Matt Patricia’s defensive adjustments deserve credit, it’s hard to look past what Trey Flowers accomplished in Jacksonville. The Lions defensive end was a monster against the run and turned in a picture-perfect strip-sack of Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew. Flowers even left his mark dropping back in coverage, which drew his head coach’s attention on Monday.

“Trey is someone that shows up every single week and does stuff that you’re just like — it’s almost clinic-like teaching,” Patricia said via Zoom. “Phenomenal play on the edge — they ran the stretch over to him, he sets the edge on the tight end and knocks the line of scrimmage back by 2 yards and escapes off the play and makes a very violent tackle. That was phenomenal. He had a great rush off the edge, obviously, and turned the ball over with the strip-sack, which was good. I’d say one of my more favorite plays I saw — he actually had a play where he was in coverage.

“There was a crosser coming from the other side and, I mean, he looked like he had been doing that naturally all the time. Maybe less coaching is better right there because he played that thing phenomenally. I just think that he’s a guy that pays attention to the details. He goes out and works extremely hard every single day to just be the best that he can be. I think it’s a great example for everybody that’s around him of how you need to approach every single week. You don’t know what plays are going to impact the game, but just go out and focus on that play, and if it’s not a great play, then go out and do the best you can on the next play. I think that’s just how he is. That’s how he’s wired. That was good to see.”

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