The best thing a rookie offensive lineman can do early in his career is not get noticed. Most of the time that means he’s doing his job.

That’s certainly been the case for rookie third-round pick Jonah Jackson two games into his first season.

Jackson has played every snap at right guard through Detroit’s first two games and has allowed just three pressures and one sack in 81 pass blocking reps. He’s been solid as a run blocker, and he fits in personality-wise in Detroit’s offensive line room.

Jackson transferred from Rutgers to Ohio State for his final year of college, so he’s had to step into a new situation with high expectations before. Lions head coach Matt Patricia thinks that’s helped the rookie with his early adjustment to the NFL.

“I think he’s been through that before, so entering into our organization, our building, I think he’s taken that same approach, and I think he’s really understood the transition to this level,” Patricia said. “I think he’s learned the techniques and obviously he’s very aggressive and just a good football player.

“I just physically think he’s done a good job of really playing with some good technique and he’s starting to expand some of that, and you see that in the changeup of his play.”

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