Louisville D Line Coach Mark Ivey will rely on Jared Goldwire to be the linchpin of the defense at Nose Tackle. Goldwire showed flashes last year as a backup but coaches and teammates seem to believe that the finality of his college career has caused him to be much more engaged this spring and summer. Goldwire is listed at 6-6/305 and I really think that he can be the disruptive force that they need up front. Getting penetration is key and Goldwire showed that he can do that last season.

The Defensive End spots will have the same first game starters that we saw last year against Notre Dame last season. Dayna Kinnaird will likely be on the strong side of the defense while Tabarius Peterson will be on the weak side. Kinnaird was the starter last year but he didn’t make very many impact plays. If he can get into the backfield more often and make a tackle or force the ball carrier into another player, we should see a better run defense.

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