The loss of junior Tyler Shelvin up front is a massive hit, both figuratively and literally, to the LSU defense. It takes away a unique component of a defensive line that’s trying to get more pressure on the quarterback.

Senior Glen Logan figures to be one of the starters on the inside while freshmen Jaquelin Roy and Jacobian Guillory could also push for an increase in snaps this season. But the real beneficiary is sophomore defensive tackle Siaki “Apu” Ika.

At 6-foot-4, 340 pounds, Ika played sparingly as a freshman but showed flashes of immense potential in his first season with the program. The main problem for Ika a season ago was that he played the exact same position as Shelvin, which made it hard to get him on the field consistently.

“Jacobian Guillory had an outstanding practice yesterday. Man, the guy made plays. Jaquelin Roy, those guys are gonna have to play for us. Glen Logan and now (Siaki) ‘Apu’ Ika’s gonna start at nose,” Orgeron said Tuesday. “We have some young guys. They’re gonna have to play. They’re gonna have to get better as the season goes on.”

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