It’s Year 2 under the speed in space offense run by Michigan offensive coordinator Josh Gattis. Last year, Michigan showed flashes of what it could be, but it wasn’t up to par. With another year of learning, this offense has a chance to put up points week in and week out. There’s just one problem so far this season, the offensive line.

This week against Indiana, Warinner needed to show the depth he had at his positions was stout. The team didn’t have Mayfield available against Indiana, but the Wolverines were also without starting left tackle Ryan Hayes. So now both starting tackles are injured for the Wolverines.

In response, the offensive line underwent a dramatic shift. Karsen Barnhart started at left tackle. Zak Zinter started at left guard. Andrew Vastardis remained at center, while Chuck Filiaga flipped from left to right guard and Andrew Stueber moved from right guard to right tackle. Stuber played right tackle before the 2020 season, so, luckily, he had experience at that position.

Today against Michigan, Indiana eradicated the Wolverines running game. Michigan gained a measly 13 yards on 18 carries. That’s .72 yards per carry. Those numbers are unheard of when talking about Michigan football. Michigan is known for being a smashmouth running team that will make you pay for everything in the trenches. The trenches today for the Wolverines ran dry.

Poor offensive line play continues to define the offense this season. When Michigan isn’t able to run the football well, the offense takes a hit. Despite the speed in space offense Gattis runs, it needs the running game to be relevant because if it dies, so does the offense.

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