After a near 200 yard rushing performance and not allowing a single sack against Northwestern, the Michigan State offensive line is looking to put the injuries and inconsistencies behind them by finding some consistency in their play.

Chris Kapilovic, MSU’s offensive line coach, is the leading force behind the road to consistency. Before coming to Michigan State, Kapilovic spent one season with Michigan State head coach Mel Tucker at Colorado and several as the offensive line coach and offensive coordinator at North Carolina.

Kapilovic’s main goal is to create continuity with a unit that hasn’t had it since its glory days in the early 2010s with multiple players heading off to the NFL each season.

“He’s relentless on the details, he does not let anything slide ever … and for him it’s either good enough or it’s not good enough,” HC Mel Tucker said. “It’s not just ‘that was a … decent job’ or ‘that was pretty good’ it’s either good enough or it’s not good enough.”

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