One facet of Spartan football that had fallen off over the past few years but used to be a staple of strong Dantonio era offenses is offensive line play.

Enter, Chris Kapilovic.

The new offensive line coach is considered ‘one of the best in the business’ and arguably the brightest mind on that side of the ball. He was widely considered Tucker’s best offensive hire.

Kapilovic was credited with turning Colorado’s mediocre offensive line around in 2019 and he will do so again in 2020 with an even more talented MSU unit. He has plenty of pieces to work with and I don’t think people realize just how young this group is and how high the ceiling can be.

Intriguing is a word that could be used to describe Michigan State’s young line whether it’s Devontae Dobbs, JD Duplain, Nick Samac, Spencer Brown, Justin Stevens, Dallas Fincher, James Ohonba or Jacob Isaia. All of those guys are redshirt sophomores or younger, proving that the line has solid pieces for the future. All of those guys have enough talent to start.

Don’t even get me started on the veterans like Kevin Jarvis, Matt Allen, AJ Arcuri, Matt Carrick and Luke Campbell. Heck, even Jordan Reid can improve if he opts back in.

This offensive line has the pieces, it just needed the right coaching and it’s getting that with Kapilovic. This will be the biggest area of improvement in 2020.

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