Starter: Sam Schlueter (LT), Blaise Andries (LG), Conner Olson (C), Curtis Dunlap Jr. (RG), Daniel Faalele (RT)
Depth: John Michael Schmitz (C), JJ Guedet (T), Alex Ruschmeyer (G), Austin Beier (G), Nathan Boe

Everyone returns. And along the OL an extra 12 months to get bigger and stronger is so valuable.

Once again you have a “starting six” where if anybody goes down to injury, Schmitz steps into center, Olsen moves to one of the guard spots (if necessary) and Andries moves to a tackle. Should there be multiple injuries, then we get down to less proven players but players who are a year older/stronger than they were in 2019.

There has been a little drama along the line over the last couple months. Dunlap announced that he was going to enter the transfer portal, only to change his mind and announce he’s coming back. There are currently rumors that one starter may still be choosing to opt out of the 2020 season. So who will actually be starting on October 24th is up in the air, though until anything is confirmed I will assume the starters above.

Having everyone healthy last year, allowing the young guys the opportunity to redshirt, was great for future seasons. This coming year, we may need a couple of the young guys to be ready to play. Guedet, Beier, Rushmeyer and Boe are the most likely candidates to see snaps and their level of readiness could be an important development this fall.

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