The interior line offers a bit more intrigue than the tackles do, however. That’s certainly the case with Rutgers transfer Michael Maietti, who’s on pace to take the starting center spot. But with Case Cook earning team captain honors from his teammates and probably being the best lineman of the 2019 group, the interior linemen have a little more star power than they usually do.

Michael Maietti – Redshirt Senior – 36 games played, 33 starts (Rutgers)
Case Cook – Redshirt Junior – 20 games played, 10 starts
Xavier Delgado – Redshirt Sophomore – 13 games played, 0 starts
Thalen Robinson – Sophomore – 6 games played, 0 starts
Jack Buford – Redshirt Freshman – 0 games played, 0 starts
Luke Griffin – Redshirt Freshman – 0 games played, 0 starts

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