The offensive tackles are most important in the passing game, keeping the pass rushing specialists on the defense from getting to the quarterback, and today we’ll take a look at the possible starters and the guys who will be pushing for playing time.

Larry Borom – Redshirt Junior – 25 games played, 11 starts

Hyrin White – Redshirt Junior – 19 games played, 2 starts

Bobby Lawrence – Redshirt Sophomore – 4 games played, 1 start

So here they are: the three guys with the most experience among the tackles. Borom got the most usage, but bounced back and forth between guard and tackle for most of 2019. In a MIZ-ZOOM meeting two weeks ago, he mentioned that he was mostly being utilized at tackle, which is probably the best fit for him given his 6’6” 332 pound frame. White is the same height with about 17 fewer pounds, but had his best moment in 2018, relieving Yasir Durant in the Purdue game. Lawrence is a massive 6’8” and 320 pounds, which is a great size for a tackle, but speaks nothing of his technique. Because of their experience, I’m sure they’ll get the first crack at the tackle positions, but allowing a sack 6% of standard down plays and 8% of passing downs plays is not a good look for pass protectors. If two of these three wins the job, let’s hope it’s because they improved and are able to execute better than the others.

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