Struggling in the trenches

NC State started the year with an incredible performance from its offensive line, and has seen a steady regression since. Its starting offensive tackles, redshirt senior Justin Witt and graduate Tyrone Riley, are battling injuries while backup redshirt freshman offensive tackle Tim McKay is out for the season. Fellow backup redshirt sophomore offensive tackle Derrick Eason is also battling an injury, and offensive tackle Ickey Ekwonu was injured during the game on Saturday.

Part of what caused the hype behind this unit was its depth, which has been tested the past few weeks more so than the other units on the team, with immediate effects on the run game. NC State averaged just 1.8 yards per carry against UNC with 34 rush yards, a far cry from the gaudy numbers it put up against Wake Forest. With the line struggling, moving the ball using the quick passes Beck utilized for freshman quarterback Ben Finley would be a huge help.

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