The young man, who you wouldn’t know is any younger than the rest of them by his size, also didn’t reveal that youth by his play either.

So, here you go, Bryce Benhart. Your first start. You get the Ohio State Buckeyes on their turf. What do you do with that? A review of the tape shows Nebraska’s redshirt freshman was plenty formidable in his big debut on Saturday.

The guy playing next to him, senior Matt Farniok, could tell Benhart settled in too, saying he played really well.

“He showed a lot more confidence and he became a lot more comfortable as the game went on,” said the right guard Farniok. “That’s a huge step forward, and he’s only going to get better from there as he gets more comfortable with the game. … He’s going to be a really good right tackle and he’s going to be very beneficial to be playing next to.”

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