Commence Notre Dame’s holiday weekend. Celebrating on the Thursday before a three-day weekend may be a bit aggressive, but the Irish have big plans this weekend. Those fireworks began with a commitment from consensus four-star offensive tackle Charles Jagusah (Alleman High School; Rock Island, Ill.).

The No. 10 offensive tackle in the class and No. 122 overall prospect, per, Jagusah chose the Irish over Michigan, Arkansas and Missouri.

At 6-foot-7 and 312 pounds, Jagusah’s wide stance sets defensive ends at a disadvantage even before the snap, at which point his quick feet create an early push. Also a defensive tackle in high school, Jagusah is simply too powerful for his competition.

Jagusah is raw; this is where many young offensive linemen are compared to mounds of clay. It may be more precise to suggest Jagusah is like a block of marble, simply based on size. Either way, he will provide a future offensive line coach plenty to work with moving forward.

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